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Symbols Classes Dropdown Bug

Unless I’m missing something… this isn’t suppose to happen lol!

I’ve got the same issue with a Nav that contains child-classes. Weird stuff!

@StevenP glad to know its not just me lol, yea very odd :smile:

Hi @jaidenraleach, that looks very weird, like the symbol got unlinked somehow. Have you tried to recreate the symbol to see if it the issue still occurs ?

@cyberdave it occurs on all symbols with nested classes - every time lol - click on an element in a symbol that has a nested class and bam, craziness lol

Hi @jaidenraleach, thanks, do you have a preview link you can share with me? If you want, you can send it to me PM. We will investigate :slight_smile:

Yea I’ll PM it to ya 'cause it’s happening on a new webflow template I’m working on :wink:

@jaidenraleach, ok good thanks, we want to check and solve this bug as quickly as possible. It looks like a bug but I do not want to speculate until we have a chance to review. Thank you very much for the help :smile: Dave

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