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Symbols can't contain orphaned dynamic elements?

What is this supposed to mean? I have all my dynamic elements properly linked.

There is no mention about this topic on any of the help resources.

I’m a little late in posting a response here, but I’ll post it so that others can google and find the answer.

When working in the designer, I encountered the same error, “Symbols can’t contain orphaned dynamic elements”. At the time of this writing, the error message presented itself in a toast message in the upper right corner of the designer interface.

I had created an element on the page to represent an author object from the default authors collection. It contained a headline tag for the author’s name and an image for their avatar image. I set the sources for these elements to be properties of the author object. I then tried to make the whole element a symbol, which is when I encountered the error.

I found the fix through trial and error: remove the dynamic sources from the child elements, make the parent element a symbol, and then re apply the dynamic sources. So, symbol first, dynamic properties second.