"Symbol" vs. "component"

I’m a developer new to Webflow. I’ve used HTML and React. I’m familiar with React components, and generally components in design systems and programming language.

Why are Webflow symbols not named components?

“Symbol” means something totally different in HTML - character entities. Everywhere else, a symbol is atomic, but in Webflow, a symbol is actually a component. “Web Components” are actually an HTML standard.

What’s up with “symbol” in Webflow? This term doesn’t correspond to the HTML world. Am I the only one finding it confusing?

Read to the bottom.

Renaming symbols to components. To reflect the dramatic expansion of what “symbols” will be able to do, we’ll be renaming “symbols” to “components” in a future release.

Just my point, nice.

That blog post is from only 2 months ago. Was that when components were first implemented?

That change hasn’t been implemented yet. Basic symbols have been around for years in Webflow. They are just starting to improve the capabilities with those.