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Symbol/Navbar Issue

Hi all - hoping to find an answer to a question I can’t seem to find anywhere else.

I’ve got a navbar symbol I’m using sitewide (not yet published). On my blog posts, I’m using a background that needs me to change the navbar elements to a different colour.

Logo and burger icon - easy peasy. Just had to override the image. Nav link font colour though? Can’t quite figure it out. Is there a way to override font styles?

TL;DR: I need to override a font style in a navbar symbol. Can’t figure out how to.

Thanks all in advance if anyone knows how to fix this!


Affecting the classes on Symbol Content Override has been said to be in the works, but it’s not available yet.

What you can do is set a Page Load interaction, and create an action on the class of the links to change their text color, as an initial state. However you won’t be able to change the hover state color.

You can also set a custom code embed block for this page where you set the new color for nav links and their hover state.

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Hi Vincent! Thanks so much for such a quick reply. Thanks, too, for confirming the constraint - I can now work around it. Much obliged for the help!


Any updates on this?
Would be awesome to be able to have light, dark, fixed and static versions of the same symbol.

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