Symbol list : could be compacter and sortable

Hi, thanks a ton for the changes in the Symbols list.

However it’s still a regression from what we had before.

  • create and unlink a Symbol is now only possible with keyboard shortcut (and the keyboard shortcut reminder isn’t in the Symbol panel anymore)
  • the list isn’t very compact, and elements can’t be manually sorted like before

Thanks for listening :), sorry to post another wish-list post about this :confused: But Symbols are a big deal. And especially if Symbols are going to be able to be nested as @callmevlad said during his workshop, we need a powerful view for them. Ideally, sortable, very compact list (do we even need an icon to precede each symbol? It’s always the same icon, it defeats the purpose), with folders.

Also I’ve read there and there that quite some users would like to be able to locate where the symbol instances are.