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Symbol link to section id only working on edited page

So I have a footer which I have on each page.
I have a link or linkbox on inside the footer.
The link I change to go to section and a section id of top
on each page I change the top section to have the same section id of top

The only page where it actually goes to the top of page is the one where I edit the symbol.
So if I go to page 2, edit symbol it shows to go to section but the section id is blank.
I change it to go to id top and it works.
Go back to page 1 and its stops working, if I edit it again the goto section id is blank.

Summary, it looks like the symbol links go to section id when modified blanks each other instance but does not change them to the new id.

Any ideas?

I found a solution but not sure why I need to and may log a support call.
On the link box got to link block settings.
There is a link field with a purple + saying link to field.
Click that and select “New override field”
Then click “go to symbol instance”
There you can select type - section, section - top or what ever section id you have set.
Do this on each page and it works.