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Symbol Link Override Not Working

I have created a Nav Bar symbol. and am trying to override the link on the Logo for two different instances:

  1. Home page instance - to override the link to the landing section of the home page.
  2. About page instance - to override the link back to the Home page.

Whenever I try overriding one instance, it would stick the same to the other instance, and vice versa.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I am having this exact same issue. Unfortunately the forums on here are pretty dead. Hardly anyone responds and when they do they simply say it doesn’t work.

Your ticket is already 6 days old with no response.

Hey michael,

Sorry for the late response. I was able to communicate with their customer support. After lengthy email exchanges, the third representative was able to help with our problem. He was basically saying this:

Once you’ve created a symbol, it will place you in the master mode of the symbol. All changes in the master mode will propagate across all instances of that symbol. You can enter master mode on any instance by double clicking (see Editing the master symbol).

In other words, single-click on the symbol to add overrides in the settings panel and double-click to affect the master symbol and all instances.

I hope this solves your issue too.

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