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Symbol interactions are nor working on other pages

Hi Team,
I have added an interaction on search button. but seems like it is not working on other pages although it is same symbol.
Need help.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Xoxoday Website

Can you explain what is interaction that’s not working? Is hard to guess what is the problem without knowing what to look for and where it works and where not. Can you be more specific in problem description?

@Stan Animation is added to the search button. please check open and close animations.
Check compass page navigation and compass solution page navigation.

HI @Mayur_Pokle1 in your animation is show/hide search field, correct?

CleanShot 2021-04-03 at 14.24.02

Because on Compass page will also open search field I can’t figure out what animation you mean.

Hi @Stan,
That interaction is working fine now but i don’t know why some times that interaction automatically gets disconnected from the symbol.
Check page navigator for compass related pages
Same issue is with the other product as well

Hi @Mayur_Pokle1 I have spend time to click each link on Compass to be redirected and be able replicate situation when search form doesn’t show but all worked fine for me. 100% success. (tested only in Safari)

Hi @Stan
interaction is working fine now. i’ll reply to this thread if this issue raises again

Hi @Mayur_Pokle1 as this is no issue any more feel free to close this request.