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Symbol instance count at 0

Minor bug: In specific circumstances, some symbols are showing up as having 0 instances when the symbol is being used.

The examples I was able to confirm fit this circumstance:

  1. Symbol A is used multiple times on non-home pages but not on home page.
  2. On opening the site in the editor, the home page is displayed by default.
  3. Open the symbols area, and Symbol A reports 0 instances.

Two actions I’ve taken so far seem to refresh the instance count:

  1. Drag Symbol A onto the home page. Suddenly the instance count jumps up to include all of the instances on all pages.
  2. Go to a page that Symbol A is on, and the instance count is correct. Go back to the home page and the Symbol A count is updated there as well.

…So it kind of looks like when a site is loaded, the symbol panel is only taking a count of the instances on the home page, and going to another page while editing updates the count for the panel, even back at the home page. (The first action, dragging an instance to the home page, only updates the count in the home page symbol panel for that specific symbol, not the others that are erroneously displaying 0>)

I also noticed this. Especially challening when you have a lot of similar Symbols and you have to guess which one is actually being used. You have to do some browsing through pages to update those counts indeed…