Symbol ID for In-Page Linking Using Connected Property Not Referenceable in Link Block

Hey guys,
I’m creating an eBook in Webflow and I have a table of contents at the top and I would like to use a link block allow a user to click in and quickly navigate to that chapter.
Naturally, you can do this by selecting the “choose a page section” and then selecting the section with the corresponding ID as set in the settings section of that section.

However, I’m using symbols for my various chapter sections, and when I setup the ID for in-page linking at a property in that symbol, and then I go to set the ID for that particular symbol (ex. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3) I do not see that as a linkable section within the dropdown options of my linkbox. Any thoughts?

BTW, this is my first post so if I did it wrong lemme know :slight_smile:

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Navigate directly to the full path and hash you want the browser to use, e.g.