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Switching from 1&1 to Webflow Hosting

Hi :wave:t2:
So I’m looking to take the plunge and move my site to Webflow.
I can’t see any clear guidance on how best to go about this.
What do I need to swap over from 1&1 to enable Webflow to host ?

Confused :woman_shrugging: Lou

Hi Louise

This is straight forward if your website is already built in Webflow, its just a matter of editing the DNS records in your 1&1 account. I have several clients who’s domains were with 1&1 and configuring them to point to a Webflow project took less than a minute.

If your website is built in 1&1’s clunky website builder, you cannot move the project over. An entirely new project would need to be built in Webflow.

Hi Thanks for the reply - it’s the 2nd part of sentence lol that’s a bit lost on me tbh
I intend to cancel my 1&1 hosting…
Sorry - still confused :woman_shrugging:

Hi Louise

Is your website currently built in Webflow but hosted in 1&1?
Is you website built using 1&1’s website builder?

Hi -
No website built in HTML CSS and Javascript then uploaded by Filezilla.

I vaguely remember the DNS part but as its not something I update on a daily basis then I’m not 100% on the best way to go about this.

Any help is appreciated


Sounds like you are trying to ‘Import’ a website into Webflow?

I’m pretty sure that is not possible. It would need to be built from the ground-up in Webflow, before editing the DNS records in 1&1 to point to the Webflow project.

Thanks - I’ve basically recreated my site onto the io version of webflow.

I’ll speak to 1&1 and see how to cancel etc then set up with Webflow.


So you DO have a Webflow website built ready?

In project settings choose Hosting
Add a custom domain (your 1&1 domain)
Use the DNS records quoted by Webflow to create new records in your 1&1 DNS settings. Be sure to delete the old records.
This tutorial should help

Ahhh so i would have to keep my contract with 1and1 ?
well that sucks if i do - don’t want to pay out more money.

You have to pay ‘someone’ to be the registrar of your domain. You can always transfer your domain to another provider?

GoDaddy are not my favourite, but Webflow has a clever tool that makes integration of a Godaddy domains really easy (without the need to manually edit the DNS settings)

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Thanks I’ll shop around and your help is appreciated.

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