Switching between websites from dashboards

Websites wont load when I switch between them from Designer Dashboard. To switch to another website I have to log out of Webflow every time and log in again. Ive tried an incognito window but that also doesn’t work.

Hi Monika, that’s a new one, I haven’t seen anything similar in the forums.
Likely you’ll need to contact support.

However it seems possible you’re dealing with some form of proxy or network issues. If you’re on a work / school network, or have done any new configurations to your internet connection you might check there first.

Thank you. I will investigate that and see if it solves the problem.

Still cant get SAFARI to switch between websites from dashboard. I have looked at all SAFARI /internet settings and cant find the problem. I also have not changed any SAFARI settings or security settings that I know of?

The dashboard does however work perfectly in my CHROME Browser, I can switch between websites from the Dashboard in GOOGLE CHROME.