Swiping on Mobile Slider Moves Screen

I have a gallery of images in a slider on my site. You can cycle through images on desktop with a click, or with a swipe gesture on tablet and mobile. On tablet and mobile the whole page moves up or down slightly when I swipe. Can I prevent this somehow? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

“Photography” slider on the Home Page:


same here! having the same issue - hope someone can help us

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Please also add live url (no way to test read-only on mobile). Thanks

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@Siton_Systems This is the one, many thanks

live link: https://leading-our-future.webflow.io/leading-and-communicating-change-resources-overview

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Having the same issue here. Anyone have any answers?

Was anyone able to figure this out?

Anyone…? Any help???

Did anyone figure this out yet?

Same problem here, and I can see there’s no answer yet. :expressionless: