Swiper js horizontal scroll

how can we allow horizontal scroll (touchpad or apple mouse) on swiper js ?
I can click on next/previous arrow, click and grab image or click on next image but horizontal scroll is not allowed on Mac and break the design on Windows.
Thank you.


Is it ever possible ?

Your website is amazing @julien_apruzzese, Im not sure swiper has an option for that, but have you tried something like overscroll-behavior-x? CSS overscroll-behavior-x property basically you can horizontal scroll over on mouse move. I hope this helps, please let me know if that works.

Also @julien_apruzzese, have you tried this settings in your swiper code:

 freeMode: true,
  mousewheel: {
    releaseOnEdges: true,

Thank you so much for your help. Sadly this doesn’t work.
(freemode: true) removes the magnetize behavior at the center.
(releaseOnEdges: true) allows to scroll horizontally but removes the vertical scroll. You can scroll vertically only when the horizontal scroll ends on the slider.