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"Swipe to redeem"

Hi guys, I am looking to build a “Swipe to redeem” feature for my website where basically customers will be able to purchase a certain number of services at a discounted price and each time they use the service, they will be able to swipe on the screen and deduct a service/concession. So it would work somewhat similar to a meal plan, if they have 5 available for the week, each time they use a meal plan, they would have to swipe on the screen and deduct one meal from that particular week.

Is there a plugin or custom code I can use for such a feature? I would also like the number of available “sessions” to reset each week/month depending on the customer’s preference.

Here are two examples of two companies that have already implemented this feature.
Too Good To Go: End Food Waste for iPhone - Download (first photo)
How do I use Too Good To Go? | Too Good To Go (their website mentioning the “swipe to redeem” feature (this is another example of how the feature works)

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