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SWIPE to change slide on touch devices

Hello, I created a slider.
I’d like touch device users to use SWIPE to change slides. Is that possible in any way?

Have you tested it on a touch device? I know on mobile devices it works automatically with swipe.

yes, I run more-than-frequent tests on iphone and ipad.
I tried recreating the slider but still no luck.

That’s weird. I have the slider widget on my page and it swipes on mobile.

really? I’m on nuvertise now and it doesn’t swipe… I’m on Ipad air.

but it does swipe correctly on Iphone 4

Son of a gun! lol I tried android and iOS cell phones but no iPads.

It’s working on my iPad 3. That’s odd. Looks like my only option is to find and break every iPad air :wink:

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It should work but you need to do a long swipe. After that a animation should start that changes slides. Is it this behavior your looking for maybe? Thats not how it work for now anyway. I’ve asked for it before its not that high on my list right now. There are other improvements I want before that =D

Hi Jorn!
It works indeed with an incredibly long swipe, thank you for letting me know!
It would be acceptable if the swipe would require a shorter movement… I think I should look into other slider solutions.


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I’m experiencing a mobile slider that is behaving extremely sensitive on my mobile device. It’s the product slider on mobile only. Some of my normal down swipes are changing the slides and it seems like every now and then it switches automatically although I don’t have auto-play on. This is my site…

this is my public link…

I have experience this too recently. I don’t know if it is a bug or not. For me I think it is a bug and should be reported. I have a site published with such issues right now.