Swipe navigation

I guys nice to 01 meet you.
I’m trying to make this type of navigation ( big type swipe/ slide + bg section color trAnsition)
This is my inspiration https://www.awwwards.com/inspiration/58b5b6a3e13823285a713085. I don’t know if I can used the slider widget for typo link I can interact with bg section with single link interaction referred to big?

Apologies if my question doesn’t explain clearly, than in advance for your help.

Seriously, no one spent a single word…
Ok take a look to my portfolio:
And help me to do a step forwards

Hey there,

I’ll take a look for ya! Off the top, I would build this from scratch, don’t use a native component. You’ll want to have full control of the - “Arrow or Next” functionality.

Okay… I see the example site.

Do you have a read-only link to see the start, or you haven’t started yet?

Thx Gary, I made it without component, simply add an Id to section and link it to relative content.

Awesome. Not a problem. Take care.