Swiftype Search Integration With Scrolling Interactions toPage Sections

I had a question about Swiftype. Specifically I have implemented Swiftype at the top of each of my pages in a custom input box. I would like to have Swiftype index the sections on the page by ID so It scrolls down the page to the related section. So far I can only get the search bar to take me to different pages in the site.

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, you would have to custom code that and then call your custom function to do the page scrolling when an id match is found. You can get the swifttype-search-jquery plugin docs here:

There’s different ways to do it, but it would have to be some custom code… I hope that helps :smile: Dave

Thanks A lot dave! Could you perhaps give me an example or walk through how to intergrate this custom code into webflow or what custom lines of code I could possibly use? Anything would be a help. Thank you!

Hi cyberdave,
I hope you’re well.
I’m having real trouble finding someone that has experience custominsing the code for Swiftype and unfortunately ST themselves are not being much help. Any ideas or recommendations? It’s for my website www.curiouscities.com.
I’ve tried e-lance etc but no-one seems to have direct experience.
Thanks in advance!

I have some experience customizing/integrating SF into web flow.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish with SF specifically?

Thanks! That worked great. Now it seems Swifttype has added this to there code. It has been automatically pulling the ID on most searches.