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Swiftype Integration (Search Bar)

@Daniel_Schultheiss, you used wrong character

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DANG!!! :scream:

Too bad my keyboard setting is quite different than that one. But I ll find it ;P.

Thanks :grinning:

try this one


I ll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks. But I think I already tried that one… :). :beers:

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Its still marked red but it does work so … :innocent:

Could you make screenshot, please?

Now everything is fine. Even it was marked red directly after i entered the string, it is now not marked anymore :).


This worked for me eventually. The action code appeared red, but still worked.
The thing that foxed me for ages was that ALL other posts on this subject say add the swiftype code to the BODY area of the custom code (in the dashboard of the Webflow site) - so I missed the fact that THIS forum post says put it in the HEAD area!!! Now late at night after wracking my brains for hours I finally noticed this point. Calmed and refreshed in the morning I added the code to the head - worked first time of course. Closure.

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Great to hear, does get a bit confusing, but glad it resolved itself.

Sounds easy. Thanks for the tutorial.

@domin8tor Could you show us a kind of DEMO? Would be great to see it live!



Any ideas on why it’s not taking my styling? I was able to install the bar just fine, but when I load up the published page, it’ll show my styled bar for a moment and the jump back to Swifttype’s default style. I reset my style (just made it super wide) to exaggerate the jump for testing, check out the link:

EDIT: Got it. I had to change the width of the input field to 100%. For some reason that was messing with anything. Was able to style from there.

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What i am doing wrong here ? please help !

The search is not displaying anything and it;s changing layout on published website.

Hello @Wadih_Hajj - do you have a link to the published website?

If search results are not coming up, then it might be something from the way it’s set up on the swifttype side of things. However hard to see because of the webflow designer not showing embeded elements so need the published site/webflow site.

Hey, Sergie.

Swiftype has remove the individual plans, and the price its very high right now. Do you know another solution for the search bar?


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@Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo Maybe this topic will help you


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The plan is too expensive $299 :astonished:

Someone recommends a solution?

Try this:

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Is there a free search code instead of this swiftype?

$299 per month (minimum) for a search bar?!! WOW!

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