Swiftype drops their $19 plan. Now $249!

I feel like going from $19 a month to $249 a month is, well, absolutely ridiculous.

I discovered this because I spent all day today trying to get the damn thing to style correctly in Webflow, only to log in to upgrade from free to pro and discover that that plan no longer exists.

Going to try Algolia now. I’ll report back on how that goes.


Wow, I was looking into swiftype…not anymore I guess.

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Seems strange, especially since they claim “Plans designed for every business”.

I was looking to use it in the future also.

Those freaking buggers. Now this is what I call a ripoff. Contrary to the common accusations some new users make against Webflow.

I was about to start my $19 plan with em. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder why…

What the f??? Is this serious or some kind of strange joke? I can hardly believe this is true…

Excuse my language but that’s pretty f*ucked up. 19 to 249?!
A pity they probably changed direction and focus to more business oriented customers. Really had looking forward to use their stuff one day!

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Ok, so I looked into Algolia but frankly, their services seemed like total overkill (for me anyway) and their instructions made my brain hurt.

“Set up your optimized relevance engine by exporting your databse to our cloud based matrix API cluster and syncing it to our indices engine blah blah blah …

Huh? No.

So I checked out Google search. I knew you didn’t have to upload anything but I wasn’t sure if you could hide their branding and style your own search bar and results. You can. For $100 a year. Not bad.

So I figured out how to do it and got it working and wrote a tutorial. Here’s how you do it:

Adding Google Search with a custom field and button

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But at least they offer a free version? I’m not sure if its enough what they offer in the free plan, but for not so big sites it should be enough, I guess.

Out of the same frustration as you all, I teamed up my friends to build the alternative called searchIQ. You can check it out in wordpress.org with the search term “searchiq”. It is FREE without any limitation imposed as of now. The backend can deal with hundreds of millions of posts and thousands query per second as a whole. Please don’t spam it. I think the infrastructure is good enough as we don’t have any VC money as they do. Hope you like it !

Official website: www.searchiq.xyz

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This seems like it is built as WP plugin only. I’m not seeing where this can be integrated with a Webflow CMS hosted site. It seems like a nice search tool, but not sure how it will help out the Webflow community.

Webflow has stated they have an API coming in the near future, maybe you guys could extend it out at that point and provide some more resources/materials on how to approach custom styling the default interface :wink:

I’m sure the masses would flock to it then, especially if you provide a specific breakdown on how to do a Webflow integration.

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good point, we are working on api and javascript version. If anyone interested in it, send me an email at raymond@searchiq.xyz. I will ping you when it is released. Expected release date is around May.


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