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Swapping or reordering columns in editor

I need to reorder columns in a layout. It looks like this is an old question - is there a way to do it yet?

e.g. I want column 2 and 3 to switch places, or I want a new blank column in between 1 and 2

Currently I have to manually and one-by-one drag elements out of one column and rebuild them in another. It’s rather tedious.

I am aware that a small workaround would be to wrap all column content in a div and move the divs.
I also don’t want to ‘hack’ it by changing the display order (eg flexbox), I’m aiming for semantic and accessible HTML with the content in the correct order.


No way to control the design/layout on this level under the editor (Use the designer).
In general its easier to create more complex layouts by custom flexbox grid (Use last/first/order). (Or By CSS GRID).

Please add a screenshot.