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SVG's failing when containing non-ASCII character

SVG’s containing non-ASCII character won’t preview and don’t load on page load.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit an SVG in code and enter a non-ASCII character (in my case, å, ä, ö) in an ID
  2. Upload to site either in Assets or as a part of a collection

Remove non-ASCII character from file

The tested files were all in UTF-8, so it’s probably an issue on the decoding end, since “å”, “ä”, and “ö” are a part of UTF-8.

I tried to replicate this, but wasn’t able… can you share the svg file that doesn’t work?

Here’s mine with å in ids:


I did change the <title> as well, maybe that’s what solved my issue?

The <title> tag inside the svg file? I was still able to upload one like that to my test site.

If you have an SVG that doesn’t work now, could you post it here or DM me the file?

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