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SVG with dynamic cms content in link block

So apparently you can’t insert an embedded html component in a link block (whyyyyyyyy?). But I need to insert svg code inside a div (.circle-bg), which is inside a link-block. I get that you can upload an svg as an img, but the svg has to have CMS content (a fill color) ([screenshot]). (

Is there any way around this? This is frustratingly limiting and such a simple task.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

The idea behind - without this restriction users will put links inside links (Not valid). But yes, sound useful in general.

Anyway in your case maybe add the link by js:

document.getElementById('your-div').addEventListener('click', function() {
    location.href = ''
}, false);
  1. Add id for the div (with the svg inside) ==> “your-div” in this example.
  2. Add this code to your embed html
  3. Change the href
location.href = ''
  1. Push to live

By css change the cursor of “your-div” to pointer.