SVG Image Cutoff

I have a svg that is being cutoff when I add it to my page.

Here’s a screenshot of the file image as a whole, which is the same svg uploaded.

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here’s the link: Webflow - Shiptastic

hi @Dang_Thai your image is not SVG but base64 png and it has cuts on both sides.

EDIT: I have optimised image and exported as PNG. now it have 176kb (origin: 1.4mb!!!)

You can try this image

or this with bicubic compression is 119kb

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Amazing, I had no idea. I exported from Adobe Illustrator as an SVG. Not sure how it ended up like that? Thank you very much!

Im glad it worked for you @Dang_Thai. If you do not have further question related to this request feel free to close it as solved.

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