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SVG icons using Style Palette colors

You can, just hold alt when adding the embed.


Thank you! :slight_smile:
That’s very helpful

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Wonderful!!! This is a game changer for making an accessible template with Font Awesome


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this tip.

Can anyone comment on editing your SVG information so that it fits within the 1000 char embed limit? Some of my SVG’s are very detailed, and I’m wondering how to clean up the code.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Try this service.

Thanks so much @Lux Luke, that currentColor tip is fantastic!!!

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Hi Guys, Thanks for this information, it’s awesome.

I have two issues with the SVG, the first one is that none of the ones I have include the “Fill” tag in the text, I’m downloading the SVG from Flaticon’s page, I’ve tried with about 20 and none of them have it.

The second problem is with the size, I can not adjust the size from styles, just change the values of width and height and does nothing. I tried to change the values directly in the code and it works, I don’t know if this is the right procedure or I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for the help…

The fill is an attribute you can add to an SVG. It’s just like putting inline CSS in HTML. SVG is a format just like any other code. Some parts you can remove, some you can’t, and vis versa with adding in code.

In fact, you can put additional styles inside an SVG like this:

    rule { attribute: value; }
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Hi Luke, I’m checking the link you sent me, Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.

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I’ve done this before and it’s such a time saver. However, today I pasted code that is too long to be used. It’s a super simple one-color icon. What I can I do now?