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SVG formatting in illustrator

Hi! I’m relatively new to webflow, and have a question on formatting svg and importing to webflow. I have a fairly complex illustration and would like to animate each item and a few groups of items, once its in webflow. For the sake of the best workflow, should I group each item in layers while in Illustrator and then export it as a single SVG, or is it better to break the whole thing apart and save each individually as SVG and then re-laayout them all in webflow? I unfortunately do not have a link to share as I’ve just begun file prep for my very first webflow site! Thank you in advance to whomever takes the time to help me out with this puzzle.

If you’re looking to animate components separately, you’ll need to im/export multiple SVGs, or use a dedicated editor to make an animated SVG and import that. There’s more info on svg animation in this thread.