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SVG file (no java script played)

Good morning from France.

I have worked on a svg file of french districts where I can, by moving the mouse, over a district make its color change.
But when I upload it on webflow it doesn’t play and when I reload it locally my JS inside has disappeared.

Does anybody can tell me why ?

Best regards.


Hi France here’s France :wink: (let’s try to keep this in the country)

Stef you’re not giving us enough info to understand your issue. Your SVG solely can’t produce any interaction. A SVG file is only a vector illustration, it has no elaborated behavior. So what did you use to make it interactive, prior bring it to Webflow?

And can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?
Learn how to do it here:

Hi Vincent,

Not only !
You can write some ECMA script inside it in order to make it interactive. It’s not only a vector illustration.
I wanted to upload it here but I can’t upload format that’s not png, or jpg or gif one.

Sorry I can’t share my project because it deals with french public service.

For my problem that I understood is that I have to use on webflow site an Embed element in which I put my SVG code.
It seems to work. In fact if I upload my SVG file as image it will be put behind and the code is not played.

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Interesting… I spoke too fast once again. What tools are you using to generate your scripted SVG? I’m working on a map right now, that I need to highlight zones in, I was going to export multiple SVGs…

I wish for Webflow to support SVG in the best way… giving us the ability to change colors and add visual properties like if it was a text element, deal with groups… and retain those scripts too.

Hi Vincent,

I use inkscape and it’s XML editor.
For your map I think It should be a solution highlighting your zones.

I’m discovering the power of SVG and I realise that It’s very powerfull.

One of my developer keep telling me this and made me get inkscape last year (: I’ll have a look thank you.