SVG earth map that can be use as a CMS filter

I need to create a similar map filter functionality in . does anyone have an idea of how I can get it done


I imagine I’d build the data view using Finsweet CMS filter, using a CMS-driven list of radio buttons for the countries that is hidden.

Then build the map as an SVG with links, and use JS to detect the link click and then click the corresponding country radiobutton. Use ISO country codes for consistency, both in the SVG, and as your slugs in your Countries collection. Will make it much easier.

Thank you so much for the reply!! What I don’t know is the code for clicking the radio button when the corresponding link is clicked. Can you kindly help with that ?
I would appreciate it. Thanks

Hi Sola,

That code depends entirely on your map approach and the HTML / SVG content of your page.
I’d need access to your project on order to build out that feature.

Drop me a message if you need some pro help on this, and I’ll send you my rates.