Suspected webflow bug with images in collections

Hello. Today’s challenge: I needed to replace some images on this page, under the accordion at the bottom labelled “How to install the <3<3MMPSU…” <3<3MMPSU Rev E Power Supply for Memorymoog | Double-Heart Audio Parts for synthesizers

Steps 9, 10, 11, 12 all have new images in Designer and I have republished multiple times, but on the published site the old images are showing up. I cleared my cache, relaunched Chrome (latest version), checked in incognito, checked on another computer. Finally, in Chrome, I did right click → inspect. Bizarrely, when I checked in the Inspect console in chrome, I see the updated images where they are supposed to be on those 4 steps in the instructions. But when I close the Inspect console, the old images show. What in god’s green earth? I am not skilled web dev, can someone help me solve this? I have also reached out to Webflow support, but I don’t trust I’ll get an answer anytime soon.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Double-Heart-Audio

I have been designing stuff on Webflow for 7 or 8 years yet I kick myself today for trusting this platform with a client’s e-comm website. Nothing but trouble.

Thanks in advance to any sweet souls who may be able to help!

Hi Alexis,

You have your images set as background images, which means they’re defined on the style panel which has responsive overrides. In your largest breakpoint, you have your old image overriding the one you want.


Thank you!! That solved it.

It’s peculiar though, because I’ve updated this section many times before though using what has always been a trusty norm in Webflow for me, the settings associated with the “primary” breakpoint. And on the other smaller breakpoints it does appear that the correct images were in the settings.

Happy new year and thanks again Michael.

When you drag the divider between the left side nav panel and the canvas, sometimes I’ve observed that the breakpoint was automatically changed for me. It’s devious, and if I don’t notice it, the next 20 mins is spent designing at the wrong breakpoint.