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Support must be down so posting here

Hello Everyone. Support must be offline (not complaining, stuff like that happen) since i posted through the form and to webflow’s email. haven’t got a response and it has been a week or two, so figured i post here so that support can help me here or maybe a knowledgeable member. Thank you all in advance.
I have the following questions (targeted towards webflow support, copy pasted here from my sent folder):

  • i see you have 3 business plans and 3 commerce plans. i understand that your servers are fast etc. as i show on a promotional page on your website but my concern is the following. When an online business begins, it has E.g. 10 unique visitors a day and the bandwidth it gets is x. As the online business grows, then the traffic grows and lets say that it reaches 1 million unique visitors a month. One can not expect the website speed to remain the same as the website scales to so many visitors, therefore my question is what higher plan is there in order for there to be true scalability and not promised scalability (eg squarespace promises it can scale but it doesnt because the owner still pays the same 50 dollars a month that was paying when his traffic was low, whereas wpengine maintains fast speeds because it gets to charge for higher tiers and for extra visits to the website beyond what the plan the customer was paying for is). Do you have those higher tiers so that i can 100% positive that the visitors speed will be the same as the website scales and for when there are ad campaigns and the visits peak suddenly?

  • Sucuri promises x type of security. How is your security compared to sucuri? I have read your webpage but i want something beyond that. E.g When i visit sucuri it explains exactly what it offers. DDos protection at (3, 4, 7 layers), sql injections protection, WAF etc.

  • Lets say i want to migrate from your hosting to a hosting of my choice and also use wordpress. Can i export absolutely all my data (all of them: all posts from the blog, all pages, all users info…absolutely everything) and import them to lets say wpengine+wordpress with zero problems?

  • i read on your website “CMS Collections cannot be exported and forms (including site search) will stop working”. What is ‘Cms Colections’ and what means that forms will stop working and how can i remedy that?
    Thank you.

Best regards,

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Hey @John123918

I will try answering your questions, but I will tag @PixelGeek for additional support.

1 Business hosting includes 1,000,000 monthly visits. I think one mil is veeery big number and very hard to achieve. If the sites goes beyond one mil Webflow will contact you. Here’s the description from the pricing page > The number of unique daily visits you can get to your site every month. We’ll let you know if you go over. > If you want you can contact for more.

2 Talking about security I think that Webflow is absolutely doing the work. Webflow is ISO 27018 compliant >

Webflow site are hosted on AWS servers so you can check some info here >

3 You can export your code on lite, pro, team and enterprise account plans. The code contains all pages and assets (html, css, js). Here’s the description from the pricing page > Export clean and semantic HTML & CSS files to hand off to your dev team. Note: dynamic content (CMS items and pages) cannot be exported. > CMS data can be exported as CSV.

What you mean by user info?

4 CMS collections are your dynamic data. You can have a collection for blog posts or collection for projects. See more here >

To keep your forms working you need to do some server side coding or you can use something like

Hope this helps :webflow_heart: