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Support is not responding

Hi, i contacted support the other day, to ask if they give refunds if you upgrade your hosting plan. Normally you get a confirmation email - which i have not gotten - so i sent another email today - still no confirmation.
Anyone else having trouble getting in touch with the team ?

And do you know if you can contact them directly on email, instead of contacting them via the form?

Best regards

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Hello @benjaminLT

As far as I now if you upgrade and you have unused money for a previous plan the money will be stored in your account. For example I was having a 70$ unused money because I upgraded my account plan and for a client project I paid 70$ less for a CMS plan.

Hope this helps

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hello @PiterDimitrov
Thanks for the response. That confirms what i thought i had heard.

Good day to you sir.

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Thank you! Wishing a great day too! :webflow_heart: