Support for the .gifv format in Designer | Update: Already supported actualy

User @laurentdesserre successfully used a simple http link to a .gifv file in a video widget to display a video. It works upon publishing and we know why: our modern browsers are smart and can play a .mp4 or .m4v file renamed in .gifv.

However Webflow seems to be fooled by it and won’t display it as a video.

For reasons I don’t fully understand, .gifv format is rising and if it’s not too much to ask, Webflow could support it in the designer.

Thanks for listening! (and thanks for the cursors!)

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+1 Even though its the first time im hearing about .gifv its sounds cool :smile:

It’s been used before but gifv went maintream when the site started using it. users were uploading a lot of gifs and that’s the less optimized format on earth. So imgur and other sites were converting gifs into m4v on the fly and served them as .gifv. For users, it was not noticeable. For sites, they would save up a lot of space and bandwith, providing users with a better experience, faster loading.

gifv is kind of a monster though, a weird thing. i’m still not sure my request for supporting this is valid. Yet this morning again I work with someone using gifv on webflow…

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Thanks for the info seems awesome my jaw dropped when i read 50mb to 3.7mb thats what i call optimization :smile:

I think this feature is a must after reading the link you sent :smile:

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Would really like to see this, long gifs are needed :relaxed:

GIF format is optimized: it’s paletted and you can reduce the number of colors. It’s dirty, old, but that’s optimization.

HOWEVER the animated part is not at all optimized. Only a series of badly compressed images.

Video formats are hyper well optimized. For every new frame, only the changing pixels are registered, recorded. That’s why the gap between gifs animated and video is so important.

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You can do that already by using html5 videos, m4v and mp4

I know but you cannot insert them into a photo block, you’d need an html embed right?
Also, for html videos you’d need a database to store the video’s on such as dropbox or your own server if you have that.
From what i understand Gifv is usable in a photo block, is that right?

@evryone here, 2 things:

1—GIFV ARE showing up in the designer… I dont know why it didn’t in @laurentdesserre’s pages.

2—It’s not a solution to anything, as it’s like a video: it doesnt autoplay or play inline on mobile

Not at all. In a video widget.

Oh, too bad :sleepy:

Read this and i was like cant wait to use this :smile:

Then i read this and well emoticons can explain better :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

That’s why we need something. Adding inline, autoplay looping videos is cumbersome to make.

  • you add if for desktop, needing to generate 1 jpeg for poster, 4 video files, and create the HTML code. Also host the videos somewhere.
  • you hide it for mobile and replace it by a bad, big, shorter animated gif
  • then you’re not even addressing the fact that with Webflow the landscape tablet will point at the desktop breakpoint, ruining your effort to carry your animation on mobile. To address this, you need a redirection script and a duplicate of the page, for mobile.

If we had a widget for this, asking for seperated elements—jpeg, videos, animated gif— and dealing with the rest—html code with options such as min-width and height, option to serve only gif to mobile OSs without having to duplicate the page—it would be christmas before christmas.

Maybe I should have ask for that intead for this silly gifv support :slight_smile:

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