Support for nth-child, :before, :after, and other pseudo classes

Nice page to understand nth-child

Pseudo classes are well supported by browsers now, this would be super cool to benefit from them in Webflow. Especially first letter, fist-line, before, after, first child… ok all of them.

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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+1 for this… it’s a pain having to do pseudo classes as custom code and not being able to see the effects until publish.

I Second the motion. pseudo classes are a huge help

+1 on this. Pseudo classes in the interface would be very helpful.

Likewise, I would like to see support for pseudo classes.

I recently designed my first WebFlow site, which was in fact a responsive newsletter - I wanted to use some pseudo classes, and it was a bit fiddly to add them as custom code, then later hand write them in to the export files as MailChimp would have stripped them out of the head.


We all want it! +100000000000000000000000000000000000000!

:smile: Thanks Vincent. Just to fill the 30 character requirement.

Lol I haven’t think of that :slight_smile: We should call it the hundred undecillion rule. Next time I’ll have to chose a nickname I’ll take Undecillion, that’s pretty rad.

plus 1 hundred undecillion from me too.

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+1 From me to

ps. just because this post has to be at least 30 characters

+1 amen! this would be very useful!

Does anyone know if there has been any progress in these features?

Please implement this… It’s not right to add a new class just for the first or last item in a list.


That’s when you can… I’ve been ading “last” and “first” from the dark age of the web I can continue a bit more, but the real issue is with dynamic lists when you can’t surcharge…

Sam how would you remove the last bottom border of a dynamic list?

I’m sure pseudo classes will come, it may be a bit difficult to find the right way to build the UI for it.

Please please please! In so many ways webflow is awesome, but if you know css well you keep hitting these massive gotchas where you have to step back in time!


PLease please place css pseudo classes on your to-do list dear Webflow team! Thank youuuuuu…

+1 for me too on this feature!

I would like to have pseudo classes, or some similar implementation.

It’s not so bad having to use custom code, but it does create a disconnect between the editor view and the live website. It worries me that you can push the custom code too far, and create bugs between that clash.

My thoughts.

Is there a way to get any feedback from the Webflow team to see if they’ve placed this as a priority on their to-do list, or do we have wait for an official response?

I still want to say thanks for all of the hard work webflow!