Support for larger/custom media queries/breakpoints

Honestly, I find that there is a lot to like about Webflow, but this one aspect is keeping me away for now. I wish that weren’t true…


It´s unbelievable the wider breakpoint option is missing here. Webflow is very promising and this feature is must-have in these days


We need to know how many are requesting this feature. Kindly leave your vote on the first post (scroll to top).


well…considering this post has over 5K views … it is an excellent sign that there is demand for it… any web designer worth his/her weight recognizes that it is something needed…i’ve only been using webflow for about a year and i see posts on it frequently. trying to make this decision based on a poll at this point is kind of odd. what we are asking is pretty standard in today’s web environment filled with many different devices/screens. not to mention that it has been asked for over and over again.

here is a screenshot of all the threads about it that were added to this post as an example:


This thread just makes me sad :worried: 2 years for freakin breakpoints…

I love you Webflow! but lets do this already! :kissing_heart:


Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

You will need to scroll to the FIRST MESSAGE in this thread. Maybe this way we can make Webflow team realize this is really important feature.

But anyway, I can’t beleive that 129 replies and 5.8k (!!!) views aren’t enough to understand that Webflow customers really need this feature.

Hope this will have a happy end finally :slight_smile:


Why you want to know? Look how long and old this thread is. How many views (people google it), how many messages here. And you know, it’s almost 2017 and web today is no longer use the 960 px grid only, because the target screen resolution (1024 wide) is a minor today…and for a long time i think.

So, you really don’t need the poll to know this feature should be done already.


@tomasnosek It’s not for me to know. I don’t even work at Webflow. It’s just another urgency indicator for the Webflow team. Also, not everybody who reads this thread will post a reply nor agree with the OP. The poll is for users to click on without commenting.

Seriously. There are people who pay money for this (still) the best service for creation of responsive and interactive websites. These people have a lot of work the should be done and it relies in many aspects on functionality of the tool which they use. Absence of such opportunity as custom breakpoints and mobile-first approach may cause loss of efficiency of their work. And heres is money again. It is one of critical and long-time painful points of this product. When I see in Macaw it is possible to set several breakpoints, I think — why awesome Webflow can’t do so? Why such creative people don’t want to do obvious improvings for years? And there is no distinct response.

Every time I come to this forum to look for this feature in Announcements. Still the same. Sadly and painful.

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Exactly. When i see that 960 wide designs in this ridiculously powerful tool, makes me sad a lot.


Any news from webflow stuff about this?