Support for HTML lang attribute and hreflang for links

Hi there,

Since the only way to create proper SEO multi-lingual pages is to duplicate pages with an en/ fr/ structure. It would be good to be able to set the lang html attribute per page. So the output would have <html lang=“fr” … etc…

And to help with duplicated pages would be nice to set variables and have conditionals on elements and dynamic items. IF lang = ‘fr’ show english field, else show french field.

Might be a good MVP while you guys come out with a full solution.

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Fully agree that options need to be available to ‘properly’ support multi language.

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Hi @blindshot, good idea! I also added into this, the support for customizing hreflang for individual links.

Thanks @cyberdave :slight_smile:

I’m currently making a translated site so I’m feeling the pain, but I have faith Webflow will come up with a more elegant solution. Time is our enemy!

Also in the same vein, since I’m doing this currently, it would be nice to have a duplicate Collection option. It seems I have no choice but to duplicate Collections in order to have multi-lang.