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Support for External REST API's?

Greetings all,

Not sure where to post “pre-sales” questions, but I’m wondering if WF provides a built-in way to access external services via REST API, including those requiring authentication - e.g. a user’s Google, Facebook, MailChimp, etc. account.

WF itself seems to have a robust API, but I’m needing to pull data in from external services. Can it be done with WF in a simple straightforward way?

Thanks much!

It depends on how the external service implements their API, so you have to be very specific on what you want to do.

Here are a few articles that might interest you:

Most of the services I’m interested in use JSON and some standard means of authenticating - e.g. oAuth, oAuth2, JWT. I was just hoping that some flexible means for connecting to external services was built into WF. Sounds like that’s not the case. :frowning_face:

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That is correct. You need to custom code the entire solution yourself or partner with your web developer.

We have the freelance category and experts directory for that.

Ok, thanks for the reply. FWIW, it would be really cool if WF allowed you to access external API’s and retrieve data in a manner similar to the built-in DB - i.e. the external data source would just be a type of “collection”. That would open up so many possibilities. :slightly_smiling_face:

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