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Super sticky flexbox scrolling, and more

set up a split screen layout, where the right is supposed to scroll… except, i’m noticing now that at least in safari on my mac, it’s super “sticky” – it kind of gets half locked, and then needs a second scroll of the mouse to get unstuck.

also, now noticing, that the left side, which should be fixed, is actually as long as the right scroller in whatever situation. this happens in all “devices” (except mobile, which has the divs stacked).

help!? not sure why this is happening. i basically followed this:

… i thought correctly, but seems like i missed something? any ideas? supposed to wow a client with this, but now i’ll be explaining that “it still needs some tweaks” … hope this is solvable. if you have any ideas, let me know! site is below:

go to the 2nd page - “my page” is the name. if you’re looking at the published site, click the upper right yellow button that’s fixed to get to the 2nd page.

Here is my public share link: LINK
also, the published site:

hey Paul. First of all. thats a great looking site. Clone the page below. It is a sort of sandbox for forum help. Go to the page titled “Paul”. You should get help there. All the best.

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wow, that’s even better than my original idea. i wasn’t even going to consider fixing the menubar at the top… at first glance, i don’t see why mine fails and yours works. but, after my brain recovers, i think i can figure this out. thanks!

is there any way i can “clone” this and save it to my projects? i couldn’t find a way easily. if not, can you please not delete this for 24 hours at least? where i’m am it’s the end of a long day, but fresh in the morning i think i can figure this out. thanks!

EDIT - oh, and thanks for the complement!

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@rps This will remain here forever. I built this sandbox for this purpose. Glad you found it helpful.

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