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Summary of Issues with Payment and Credit Cards

Continuing the discussion from Apple’s new website is TOTALLY do-able in WF:

There are several discussions going on about issues with credit card payments and I’d like to give you guys a transparent answer with why we only accept credit card payments and what the most common reasons why credit card payments fail.

Why only Credit Cards? - While Paypal is easy and simple, it really only supports one-time payment transactions for a single service or a good sold. Since Webflow is a continual service that is often tied to a subscription (monthly or yearly), we have to use a payment method that supports our business model. Paypal’s recurring payment options are extremely difficult to integrate with and are clunky from a developer’s perspective. That’s why we’ve stuck to CC only.

Whom is your payment gateway? - We use They are one of the most developer-friendly payment gateways out there. They do a good job of keeping our engineering resources focused on more important things, like building the best web design tool on the planet :smile:

Here is the list of cards that we, as a US based business, can accept payment from:

Why does my credit card payment fail? - There are several reasons for this:

  1. Your card does not support online transactions
  2. Your card does not support recurring transactions
  3. Your issuing bank has other restrictions on how and where you can use your card
  4. You don’t have sufficient funds in your account

There are a variety of issues that may crop up when attempting payment. If you feel like the payment should succeed do email us at support[at] and we’ll be happy to help you triage the issue.

Hope this helps!