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Suggestions for making the UI more consistent

It would be nice if the UI was more consistent.

So, for example, sometimes you can click Enter to close a dialog box or subpanel.

Clicking Enter closes this dialog box:

But clicking Enter does not close this dialog box:

And sometimes, you have to click Done:

In Interactions, to edit settings here, you click the wrench icon:

To edit setting here, you click on either the wrench icon or click on the names in the boxes below “Initial Appearance” and “Trigger(s)”:

And here, you can ONLY click on the names – there is no wrench icon:

More consistent UI design equals more success for users, which equals more success for Webflow.


Exactly what I wanted to post but never did =D

For the record, I didn’t initiate this discussion. I responded to another discussion asking what we “whises” for (LOL). :grinning:

Not sure why the discussion was split up without any explanation… Maybe it makes it easier to deal with each issue separately, but it also seems to sort of defeat the purpose of the original post.

Thats why I tried to delete it. a community expert didn’t think it was an good idea :stuck_out_tongue: But I agree with you…