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Suggestion: PSD Integration

I’m new to webflow and I’m already inlove with the functionalities here. I’m used to building bootstrap sites from scratch. I’ve tried a BUNCH of other bootstrap prototype tools/web app, but your Webflow is way beyond better! Yep, I said it.

However, and I believe a lot of other web designer’s here as well would love to have PSD INTEGRATION Functionality added into webflow designer. Not like Adobe Brackets Preview(PSD Integ.) functionality tho its good to have as well. But Even just to use the PSD template just to gather the layer name and put it into the class/id, relay the size of the element and the font styles (Google font integ would be cool as well). I know this is so demanding of me but this is just a suggestion that you might love to do as well. =)

Great job with the Webflow, Webflow Team! I give it 8/10. and Merry Christmas!

Probably won’t ever happen. Webflow is built to get away from photoshop. It’s far quicker to build a site in webflow than Photoshop. There already is google font integration btw.

Sadly, you’re right. An yes, thank you. I just noticed GoogleFont is already at my dashboard. Cool!

I honestly don’t think that’s sad at all. I will never miss days of designing websites in photoshop. It is seriously awful. Webflow is so much better in every way.

web design were tedious before, using PS. I couldn’t agree more =)