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Success story on ecommerce

Hi there, we bought the upgrade to ecommerce pro on thursday and we got our firsrt order on Tuesday, so 5 days to get the first order.

What we had as an asset :

  • around 200+ blog items for which most of them are showing on google first page or even first line (thanks to goods webflow past advises on creating leading page)
  • around 100 product pages (badly designed)
  • altogether a site with 1000 pages
  • an ecommerce site using Prestashop (ugly)

What we did 2 weeks ago:

  • bought an ecommerce template from Framer to uprgade the pages to more ecommerce look and feel (we are not god on earth on how to design nice pages) . So mostly cut and paste of the template and re link the content… Fast and furious
  • looked at how to use the ecommerce product collection with our already existing products collections (3 of them because of completly different types of products)
  • decided that our current products files were nice so we are using ecommerce product collection to the minium with a link to our product items… so minium issues there. The actual product pages are not from ecommerce product collection. The cart button is within a collection link.
  • Did some work to get categories and sub categories in which we could see products as we wanted (same product can appear in different categries etc… such as an ecommerce site)
  • Built the category and sub category so they can be seen as valuable enough by google
  • Built a few new collections to store picture, videos, downloads to be used with mult-references to the products collections

What we learned:

  • having enough content in categrories and product pages is increasing the rating of these pages in Google compared to standard ecommerce product pages.
  • Building proper category and sub categories pages are even more important as Google seems to prefer a cluster of information rather than an article with 4 000 words in some cases. So it is good way to test A/B being deep on one subject or shallow other topics for the same subject.

Here is the link to the catalog page (good for you to extend you knowledge in french)

A good example of categories and sub categores is shown in this catagery

The best use of blog posts library in a category is here where you will the amount of content linked. Just click on the icons tabs

The best filled up product page is this one (but not linked to ecommerce as this product is sold through a network of professionals)

and a good page showing ecommerce link

What we are still missing in the beta:

  • customer phone number
  • selling product as $0
  • creating customer accounts

What we are still doing:

  • adding “add to cart” buttons within the blog posts rich texts fields to increase the “call to action”
  • adding more blog posts to get better product defined and attractive because of content we provide.