Success and error buttons show up when set to Display Block

There seems to be something wrong with the forms on my Webflow website.

In desktop mode, everything is perfectly fine. However when the layout switches to mobile (horizontal & portrait) all the form buttons (error and success) are being shown even though the user has not clicked anywhere.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Only on mobile or also in browser? Because it seems to be ok here:

Never mind! I already got it working. Seems that when you manually change the Display options (for example putting the Error message to Display:block) of the Success and Error buttons, all the buttons show up even if there’s no submission. Maybe the Display option is something Webflow should disable for success and error containers because it kind of messes up the form functionality.

Thanks for your reply btw:)

Oh yes most likely these are display:none then displayed by hidden interactions so yeah that makes sense.

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