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Subtracted text (See through text)

Hey! Is there anyone kind enough and full of knowledge to help me out with this:

I want to make a button (click-able element) but the text in this element should be ‘see through’ (subtracted), so the background is visible. I can’t find out how to do this and also google searches came back with nothing (although i have seen a lot of Webflow websites with this “effect”)

(i would include an example picture, but somehow it keeps on giving an upload error)

Thanks in advance,


This website has it for example, except it is not clickable:

@Pjotr If you are talking about the text “Director Strategy & Innovation”, it looks like that was an image that has been imported. So probably prepared in photoshop or illustrator. You can use your browser’s web inspector to help determine how a site is constructed.

@jdesign Thanks for the reply. I think you’re right, at first i thought it wasn’t because it scaled and changed position on mobile devices, but when i had a closer look it turned out it were just black letters when being viewed scaled!


Here, it’s explained how to use png or SVG mask to cut a hole in a parent element:

Thanks! I did it with an image however, what jdesign suggested.