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Subtle Patterns Integration

Hey people!

Just got this simple idea in mind, of integrating the subtle pattern library, to easily implement some background patterns :blush:

I don’t use patterns that much, but I think making it selectable as an option in the “settings” area (like with "fonts) could be a cool feature for some people :blush:

What do you think? Would you use it?


I agree; I use Subtle Patterns all the time and, although you can already use the patterns with your Webflow site by downloading them and then uploading them as a background, integrating the patterns so you could choose one and use it instantly on your site from within Webflow would be great!

Something like this would be great (the picture is actually the Subtle Patterns Photoshop plugin):


Jep, that’s the way I meant it :wink:
Just saw the PS plugin and thought this could be useful here as well :blush:

I agree too, it could be a nice way to add scanlines to images, make gradients appear to have a little noise, or just plain using a darn pattern without uploading. =)