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Subscriptions in e-commerce


When are subscription elements to be introduced into e-commerce? Are there any details yet on the functionality?


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It has been discussed. No ETA that I am aware of. The best place to determine what the potential status of a popular requested feature is by visiting the wishlist. Webflow provides general status info there. They do not give dates when a given feature is going to be released. Vote on features you want to see. If it does not exist, create one.

Here are some other popular e-com requests.

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The stripe client only checkout has good potential (including reducing the need for middleware subscription platforms).

I am going to test it with zapier webhooks for the fulfillment stage.

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I left a comment on the wishlist item ‘Recurring billing (Subscriptions)’ that @webdev has mentioned.

Was basically saying that according to the compare - product management section here it seems that while digital products are ‘coming soon’ subscriptions are only in the ‘planned’ stage.