Subscription requirements for building an app

Hi there,

We’re considering building an app for the Webflow Marketplace. We’re currently digging into the docs to understand this. We’d need to have a Webflow site to develop against, the site wouldn’t be used for end customers, just for developing and testing the app functionality. Is there a “developer” pricing tier or would we need to pay for a regular General/Ecommerce plan?


Webflow has Workspace plans to address the needs of developers. See details below.
Plans & pricing | Webflow

Thanks for the response @webdev. I’m familiar with the pricing page - are you referring to the “freelancers & agencies” Workspace pricing tiers?

If I’m developing an app for ecommerce stores on Webflow then I would need to be able to publish a site with the checkout enabled, so that I can test functionality for my app as items are purchased by end customers. As far as I can tell, none of the tiers allow this except for the 3 ecommerce Site tiers (starting at $29/month).

Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

That would be true in your specific case.

Thanks for the info @webdev

Hi @Hernan, I work on the DevRel team here at Webflow and I’d be happy to help you out with this. We offer a promo code that will compt testing accounts for Marketplace E-commerce apps. Please email my team