Subscription option that allows multi-seat management?

Hi everyone,

A cient I work with requires allowing individual or admin subscriptions, where admins can add/remove subscription seats as needed.
There are other “nice-to-have” items as well such as ability to give 30 day trials, ability to distinguish students (and offer them reduced rates), etc.

What would be best approach for this? I have good JS knowledge and have no issue delving into deep integration/customization.

Hi @trynix,

There are a number of options to use. I’m using Snipcart for my portfolio. View the process here:

There are plenty of others depending on your no-code flavor. I would refrain from to much front end code because it gets a little cumbersome to manage. I have a the cart on my Pricing page and the My Account link allows clients to create an account and see their purchases. The dashboard manages the clients activity. You can implement it with minimal code.


Hi Ala.
Josh with Foxy here. Just replied to your email. Subscriptions are possible with Foxy + Webflow. Some examples here: How to Set Up Recurring Payments and Subscriptions with Foxy + Webflow

  • Offer trials
  • Customers can have more than one subscription
  • Set up a content/page paywall
  • Combine subscriptions with other types of products (all in the same order)
  • Embed a customer portal (customers can manage their subscriptions in Webflow)
  • and more

Full details about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: We’re here to help if you have any questions: