Subscription model based on user interactions

Hello everybody.

I want to create a subscription model site which allows users to run a Python script hosted on my server by clicking a button on my Webflow site.

I want users who have paid 19.99/month to be able to run the script 20 times a month, users who have paid 29.99/month to be able to run it 50 times a month etc.

I would also like to show a counter with the remaining amount of times they can run it this month.

Any ideas on how I could implement this? Preferably using MongoDB.

Hi @clbz :wave: welcome to the forum.

What are you using for Memberships? Webflow Memberships? Memberstack? Something else? Or did you just want to setup a subscription with Stripe?

Super easy.

I’d setup a free Make (Integromat) account and have that button click trigger a Make Webhook.

Here’s a screencast walking through how to do exactly that with a form submission:

You could add that logic in Make or your custom Python script. You then tell Make how to respond to the user after that button click.

That’s easily returned from Make in the response.

Not sure where Mongo falls into this. Are you asking for help with the custom Python script?

Make has it’s own datastore that’s dead simple to use and cleanly integrates with it. You could keep state in there (and who knows, maybe that’s actually Mongo behind the scenes :rofl:)

Hope that helps!

Hi Chris, appreciate the response.

To answer your questions, I am currently using Webflow memberships to host my memberships.

The ultimate goal of my project is to have everything self-hosted and export the website using Webflow’s export function. This is also the reason why I want to use MongoDB. I am trying to have everything running from my own machine.

Thanks for your help.


I still think using Make (Integromat) is the right approach. It offloads costs, maintenance, and extra work on your end for a minimal price. You can use this on or off Webflow hosting without issue.

A better transition to your ultimate goals (of self hosting) would be to remove Webflow Memberships (since you can’t export that feature) and replace it with Memberstack (since you’ll have zero issues exporting and self hosting with this solution).

In terms of a database, any database, you can use Make’s lightweight datastore but if you need something more many people use Airtable for this. If Airtable doesn’t meet our needs folks find Xano more robust (though it’s Postgres and not Mongo if that’s important to you for some reason).

This would leave a custom Python script sitting in the middle “if” you still want to host that yourself. Otherwise Make would take care of the basic logic you’ve described (and Make allows you to pop off an API request to your own Python script when it doesn’t).

If Make (Integromat) is just a complete non-starter for you, checkout

My feedback and approach is leaning much more towards the “no code” way versus custom coding + custom software hosting + custom backend.

Unless you have the experience, or can hire those that do, there are a lot of hidden gotcha’s that eat up all your time. Taking it away from the more important aspects of driving revenue into your product.

Probably not the response you were looking for :grimacing: but I hope it helps none the less!