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Subscribe to multiple Mailchimp newsletters?

Hi there,

I was wondering if it’s possible to have checkboxes subscribe to multiple newsletters with Mailchimp? Like this:

Thanks in advance!

Hey Thomas,

Have you tried doing two different list Zaps with Zapier?

Hi Dre,

Thanks for the quick response, not yet! I’m a newbie with regards to Zapier, how would that work?

No worries man!

It’s actually a pretty easy setup. Would you want me to set it up for you or I can walk you through it?

A walkthrough would be great! I’ll try and manage the setup myself no problems :slight_smile:

Hey Thomas,

Before getting into Zapier, have you thought about using the Mailchimp Groups feature to segment your subscribers? I believe if you embed their form it’ll automatically do it for you when you setup the groups.

Thanks Dre! I will be trying this out beginning of next week.