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Subscribe pop up modal

Hi everyone. When I made a subscribe pop up modal in home page, and try to do the same in every other pages,it doesn’t allow me to do that. when I copy and paste the elements and try to set up the interaction again in other pages, the interaction in home page then won’t work again.what can i do?please help

Hi, interactions were page specific, but I believe I heard there was an update that allowed you to copy a page, keep the interaction, and simply change the class for the interaction on the new page. I’m not sure if you can copy an individual element and keep the same interaction on a new page. But look at the interaction on the new page, and you should see a red exclamation where the old element class was. You should be able to type in a new class in the replace elements below the interaction list when an interaction is clicked in the list. If you don’t find a solution, email support directly and ask about copying pages and elements to get the update information.

also if copy and paste doesn’t work please can you let me know how to make the same pop up subscribe modal in every pages ?

Sure, please post your read-only link here and I can take a look at your site.

I ve change my mind.I’ve give up with the same popup subscribe in every page. But I have a new question, how to make multi- pop up in one page? For example, the menu page, I failed to do that. Please help.Thanks a lot.

Hey Tina,

The problem with a subscribe modal in Webflow is that it will keep popping up even after subscribing. There’s no way to control this in Webflow.

I suggest using (free plan) - No coding, visual builder and trigger timer. I have recommended this to all my clients and they are very happy with it. Just implement the code in your custom code area of your website settings and it’s good to go.

All the best,

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Yep I agree with @nwdsha, there are much easier applications to integrate into Webflow that are easy! Try his suggestion. And look at this too:

Just a few options. I like Get Site Control the best.

hi nwdasha,thank you very much for help. i ll have a try.

hi garymichael1313,thank you very much for help. i ll have a try.

No problem, I love Webflow! There’s never a one-solution fits all. It’s often more efficient and functional to sometimes let “SPECIALIZATION” work.

Those suggested sites - that’s all they do! When using a great platform like Webflow, it’s best to combine it with a “Specialist” instead of trying to expand a stable application beyond it’s functional capabilities. There’s nothing wrong with combining a smart student with an S.A.T. tutor - just to make sure that one test gets maximum attention, for maximum results.

That’s how I see software - let every app do what it does best. Then find a partner that does the same.

See ya.

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